Five Simple Steps for your Print Project

If you have an important print project that you need completing quickly for an exhibition or for a sales tender then working with us couldn't be simpler.

  1. Discuss - Email, call or visit us about your print project. We prefer an email with your artwork attached because it helps us work through each project systematically and at greater speed. We'll call you back and discuss it in realtime.
  2. Setup - Your artwork is checked and made ready for production. Any issues we may notice will be flagged up and communicated with you. Files in PDF with at least 300x300dpi resolution or more are preferable.
  3. Proof Copy - We'll provide a proof copy for approval. Often this is a step that can be skipped especially on small, 'straight-forward' jobs. But for more costly & quality sensitive projects, we'll often suggest a proof or sample print.
  4. Production - Your document is now inserted into the queue of jobs to be printed and finished. Depending on it's size and our schedule, it may take anything from 1 - 5 working days, though same day service is often easily achieved. Volume jobs will always take priority over small, "fiddly" jobs.
  5. Collect and Pay - your project is packaged and ready for collection. You can pay by cash, card, cheque or BACS. We will deliver for an additional charge.


Artwork Guide

  1. Files are to be supplied in PDF format. We can use other files, but it slows things down and compromises quality. Please convert all advanced file formats like tiff, ai, eps, png into PDF (unless we specifically ask for that format).
  2. Files must have a good printable resolution of atleast 300x300 dpi or more. If not, they may appear pixelated and "grainy/fuzzy".
  3. For flyers, leaflets and booklets/anything that is printed both sides - crop marks and 3mm bleed must be included.File size may impact on your ability to email your work to us and on our ability to efficiently manage it.
  4. File sizes of over 100Mb start to become too large and cumbersome and tend to jam up our systems. Your co-operation is required in these instances because we may ask you to reconfigure or resave it into a manageable size.
  5. Any artwork with pastel or light water colours may not print well on a digital machine. Our advice is not to attempt that sort of detail unless you intend on having your project printed litho where colour matching is more realistic. Please warn us if your artwork contains this sort of technique. If we are copying from original hard copy art pages, once again, the copies may not produce the desired result. Please be aware that you will still be expected to pay for copies that are incorrect during the process of trial and error.
  6. As mentioned on our Design and Layout page, we can assist with artwork issues for an additional charge or even create something for you from scratch. But we do require some sort of brief from you as well as any text to be "already typed out" to make life easier

If you need advice on our print size guide then please just email